Italy Broadband ADSL explained

Published: 23rd November 2009
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Italy Broadband : ADSL

Italy property internet access ? How fast? Is it available ? One of the key issues following a recent survey with Italian property investors looking to buy a house in Italy. Broadband in Italy ?

As a new property owner in Italy i have recently had to study the whole Italian broadband market to ensure the best value internet service in Italy. So I thought I would share my investigations with you. If when you read this article some of the offers discussed have expired then please feel to contact the author for latest offers or any further queries regarding how to get broadband in Italy in your Italian property.

Broadband as the average user knows it in Italy is generally referred to as ADSL older generations use the terminology banda larga. That's been able to access the internet down your phone line or via cable.

There are many other Italian broadband services like satellite access (try tooway) and public wi-fi networks (you'll need your passport) in Italy but here we discuss standard broadband in your Italian property.

If you buy a house in Italy you will probably find that it already has a landline phone, though many Italian properties in rural areas don't even have that. Check for the phone socket when viewing a property and if there isn't one check the neighbour's properties. Some rural areas don't even have the phone network. The phone network is the principal means of having broadband in the type of properties foreigners buy in Italy. No phone line don't worry it is quiet easy to apply for a new phone line, though check the costs involved with your future service provider. In most cities there is also cable so if you buy a property in the city you can also consider cable internet.

Most Italian service providers now offer various packages of telecommunications solutions :

• Voice only (voce)

• Broadband only (adsl)

• Voice and Broadband/ (voce e ADSL)

• Voice, Broadband and TV.

Italian TV is another subject to discuss as most of Italy is now phasing out analogue and going digital.

Here we discuss Voice and Broadband packages as it is the most common solution you will need for your Italian property.

Small print:

• Some of the packages come with a wifi modem some you have to rent their modems.

• Most packages offer an introductory reduced rate for so many months.

• All packages suffer an early contract closure of circa 50 euros should you cancel the contract before the first 12 months.

• If you have no phone line then some of the packages charge a new line fee. In addition some of the packages charge a new connection/contract fee.

• Most providers offer multi voice bolt on solutions, which depend on how much you wish to pay for your voice calls. Here we evaluate the cheapest monthly option, which may not be your cheapest option depending on your voice usage.

What do I need to order Italian broadband online?

Personal details, it helps if you have an Italian tax code codice fiscale, though not impossible without you can use your international passport number.

Most of the service providers have a link on their website where you should enter your Italian house address and postcode and your existing landline number to see if they offer their service in your Italian region (that's assuming the house doesn't already have broadband). If your house doesn't have an existing phone line then you should use your nearest neighbour's home number.

How do I pay ?

Your monthly invoice will be delivered in the post and you can pay it by cheque, in the post office until you go on line set up an account and pay by debit/credit card.

Contrary to the rest of the world, you will struggle to activate your contract exclusively on line with debit/credit card, we are in Italy, accept that the first bill is delivered by post, it makes life easier.

Who are the principal Italian broadband service providers?

• Alice/TIM

• Infostrada/Wind (cable only)

• Fastweb (need fastweb network else extra costs)

• Tiscali

• Tele2 (better offers if you have access to Tele2 network)

Follows a table with the service provider, packages offered and prices (in euro).

Calculations are based on the first 12 months of the contract.

Prices rounded up to nearest euro.

There are more packages on the different service providers websites, here we have analysed the principal packages. Where the same service provider offers different rates for what appears the same service (voice & adsl) the monthly price differences are based on your voice package requirements and the ADSL speed.

Should you need any further help or if the below offers have finished when you read this article please feel free to contact the author. (All prices in Euro.)

Service Provider Package name voice internet Intro rate Monthly rate New line Contract fee modem 1st 12 month total

Alice/TIM :

Alice Casa Internet x x 4*25 8*37 free free free 396

Alice 7MB x 12*19,95 need existing line free 12*4 288

Alice 20MB x 2*12,95 10*24,95 need existing line 12*4 324


Absolute ADSL x x 5*9,95 7*29,95 -30 online 12*3 265

Absolute ADSL 7MB x x 3*14,57 8*34,95 Free online else 70 -30 online 12*3 359

Tutto Incluso x x 5*19.95 7*39.95 Free online else 99 -30 online 12*3 385

ADSL flat 7MB X 2*free 10*19,95 12*3 236

ADSL 20MB X 2*free 10*24,95 12*3 286


Parla & Naviga casa X X 12*22,40 n/a

Naviga casa X X 12*17,45 9,90 online n/a

Fastweb Joy 20MB X 12*29,90 -50 online n/a


Tutto incluso light X X 5*9.95 7*29.95 12*3

Tutto incluso X X 5*14,95 7*39,95 12*3

ADSL only 8MB X 2*9,95 10*19,95 12*12,88 n/a

ADSL only 20MB X 2*9,95 10*24,95 12*12,88 n/a

Tele 2

Tutto compreso X X 5*free 7*38,90 -20 12*3

Tutto tele 2 X X 5*free 7*29,90 -20 12*3

ADSL flat 7MB X 1*free 11*19,90 154,80 free online 20 free online 12*3

Official website on broadband access:

The Anti-Digital Divide Association is mapping the broadband access situation in Italy

Author : David Moss of MIPC : Moss Italian Property Consultants

Article : Broadband Italy

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